Is there a vaccine for Hepatitis C?

Is there a vaccine for Hepatitis C?

( NC)- No, except hepatitis C treatment like generic harvoni, generic sovaldi, generic epclusa.. There are injections for hepatitis A  and and liver disease B. To stop further damage to your liver, your physician may suggest you to be immunized against liver disease A and as well as hepatitis B.

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Could I provide liver hepatitis C to another person?

Yes, regarding we understand, as soon as you have hepatitis C, you can constantly transmit it to another person if they can be found in contact with your blood. If you have liver disease C, you can not give away blood. You ought to avoid sharing individual products like razors as well as toothbrushes, because the infection is spread with blood to blood get in touch with.

Although the virus isn’t spread conveniently by sex-related contact or from a mother to her expected child, the danger of transmitting the virus is not absent. For that reason, talk with your medical professional first if you want to have youngsters.

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