Hepatitis C Treatment

You are lucky to be alive today, because you have so many options for hepatitis C treatment.

If it was 10, 15 or 20 years ago, that wouldn’t be so.

Today, you have a 99.9% chance of getting cured from hepatitis C with the new hepatitis C treatments available.

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If you have not gotten tested for hepatitis C, get it done and over with it.  Get tested at Personal Labs, find a location near you.  If you test positive, find out what your genotype is.  That will help you determine which treatment will help you beat the hepatitis C virus on the first try.

Most likely you’ve been tested and now you’re contemplating what treatments is best for you.

Again, you have lots of options and please stay positive, you can do it, you have valuable information at your disposal to choose the right hep C treatment for you.

There are 8 treatment options available through your insurance and copay options in the US.

Before you start treatment with the hepatitis C treatments below, understand that you may reactivate hepatitis B infection if you have been previously exposed.


Eight Hepatitis C Treatment Options Available To You:


Hepatitis C Treatment # 1

Sovaldi – (Sofosbuvir 400mg) 1 Tablet a day

The first hepatitis C treatment we would like to introduce to you is Sovaldi…yes, when this medicine came out, the whole world went crazy for this hepatitis C treatment.

sovaldi sofosbuvir 400mg or generic sovaldi hepcinat


Lots of people were not happy about the price. For one tablet, it cost $1000. To be cured for most hepatitis C patients, you need to take it for 84 days, you do the math.

Sovaldi hep c treatment for genotypes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 with other drug combinations.

Keep your fingers crossed and you get approved by insurance and you’re all good. The copay is pretty high, about $18,000 to $24,000.  Ouch! That’s expensive.  Gilead Sciences says its cheaper than the cost of liver transplant.


Hepatitis C Treatment # 2

Harvoni – ( ledipasvir 90mg and sofosbuvir 400mg) 1 tablet a day

Second hepatitis C treatment that made Gilead Sciences a lot of money and cured millions worldwide was Harvoni. Harvoni is also once a day tablet for about 84 days. Harvoni is made of ledipasvir 90mg and sofosbuvir 400mg. Its a direct acting antiviral (DAA) just like Sovaldi (sofosbuvir 400mg).

harvoni ledipasvir 90mg sofosbuvir 400mg generic hepcinat lp

Harvoni, is outrageously expensive about $84,000 for 12 weeks treatment. If you have to take it for 24 weeks, then its $168,000, most hepatitis C patients don’t have to do that, very few.

Harvoni hep C treatment for genotypes 1 or 4.

Again, you want to work very closely with your insurance provider to make sure you get approved. They will deny you at first (85% of cases get denied) but don’t let that stop you for getting your hepatitis C treatment.


Hepatitis C Treatment # 3

Epclusa (velpatasvir 100mg and sofosbuvir 400mg) 1 tablet a day

The third hep C treatment is Epclusa (velpatasvir 100mg and sofosbuvir 400mg). Epclusa is the pan genotype treatment for hepatitis C. What that means is, whatever genotype of hepatitis C you have, Epclusa will treat it.

epclusa velpatasvir 100mg sofosbuvir 400mg generic epclusa velpanat

Note: A word of caution. Do not take Epclusa if you can take Sovaldi, Harvoni or Daklinza. The reason being, Epclusa is the last resort if the other new hep c treatments did not work.

If you can take Sovaldi, Harvoni or Daklinza, you are better off. Just in case you have a relapse, then you can take Epclusa to beat the hepatitis C virus.

Epclusa hep C treatment for genotypes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6.

Many physicians may recommend Epclusa just because its the pan genotypic treatment. We highly recommend that you find out what your genotype is and consult with your healthcare provider to see which treatment is the best option.


Hepatitis C Treatment # 4

Vosevi ( velpatasvir 100mg, voxilaprevir 100mg and sofosbuvir 400mg)

Fourth, new hep C treatment is Vosevi. Vosevi is made of sofosbuvir 400mg, velpatasvir 100mg and voxilaprevir 100mg. Vosevi is priced at about $26,000.

vosevi hepatitis C treatment

Vosevi is manufactured and marketed by Gilead Sciences, its one tablet a day for 12 weeks.

Vosevi hep C treatment for genotypes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6.

Vosevi, like Epclusa is a pan genotype hepatitis C treatment.


Hepatitis C Treatment # 5

 Zepatier (elbasvir 50mg and grazoprevir 100mg) 1 tablet a day

Fifth hep C treatment that is available is Zepatier (elbasvir 50mg and grazoprevir 100mg).

zepatier hepatitis C treatment

This new hep C treatment is manufactured by Merck. A 12 week treatment of Zepatier is $54,600, a 16 week treatment is $72,800. Zepatier is also a once a day tablet for 84 days for most hepatitis C patients.

Zepatier hep C treatment for genotypes 1 and 4.

Zepatier can be taken with or without ribavirin, based on your healthcare provider recommendations.

Zepatier is used for genotype 1 or 4 chronic hepatitis C patients.


Hepatitis C Treatment # 6

Mavyret (100mg and pibrentasvir 40mg)

Number 6 on our list is Mavyret. Mavyret like Vosevi and Epclus treats all genotypes of chronic hepatitis C.

Mavyret is glecaprevir 100mg and pibrentasvir 40mg is a 3 pill a day hep C treatment manufactured by Abbvie.

mavyret hepatitis c treatment

Mavyret hep C treatment for genotypes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6.

Mavyret is probably the most affordable compared to other hep C treatments at a price tag of $26,400 for an 8 week course.


Hepatitis C Treatment # 7


Number 7 on our list is Daklinza. Daklinza is usually taken with Sovaldi for genotypes 1, 2, 3 and 4. Even with hepatitis C patients that have a coinfection of HIV and HCV (hepatitis C), could be used for before and after liver transplantation.


Most hepatitis C patients can take Daklinza and Sovaldi for 12 or 24 weeks, depending on what the doctor ordered. Sometimes, ribavirin is recommended for those that have cirrhosis of the liver and require longer time for treatment. Ribavirin should be taken twice daily with food.


Hepatitis C Treatment # 8

Viekira Pak

Number 8 on our list is Viekira Pak, which is ombitasvir, paritaprevir and ritonavir with dasbuvir, yeah that’s a mouthful. Viekira Pak treatment requires that you take 2 pills once a day and another pill twice a day. Its not as easy as the other mentioned above but it works. Viekira Pak is used for hepatitis C patients with genotype 1.

Viekira Pak hepatitis C treatment

Viekira Pak is manufactured by Abbvie and the cost is $83,320 for 12 weeks treatment. $167,640 for 24 weeks treatment. Pretty steep for the cure of hepatitis C.

Viekira Pak is used for hepatitis C patients with genotype 1.

Again, don’t forget to put pressure on your insurance provider to get these hepatitis C treatments approved. You need to get your hepatitis C cured at all costs.